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In Singapore couples go for natural therapies instead of IVF

Some couples having problems conceiving are choosing to go for natural therapies instead of invasive medical intervention like in-vitro fertilisation. (…)

They were among six couples who attended a weekend event earlier this month, which was billed as a “fertility wellness staycation”. Its programme included informational talks about fertility; demonstrations of a form of acupressure, a kind of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) therapy; and a session called “fertility yoga” that reportedly reduces stress and increases blood flow to the reproductive areas of the body. (…)

Dr Paul Tseng, a fertility specialist, obstetrician and gynaecologist at the private Virtus Fertility Centre, says there are some “immeasurable” factors that contribute to the difficulty in becoming pregnant, such as stress, for instance, which can “inhibit” conception. He says, for example, that acupressure and other methods that increase the blood flow to the uterus, and eating certain foods, such as folic acid-rich asparagus, can “enhance the chances of getting pregnant”.

Source: Couples go for natural therapies instead of IVF, Lifestyle News & Top Stories – The Straits Times